Apple iPhone XS Max (4G, 256GB Gold)

Apple iPhone XS Max (4G, 256GB Gold)

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Super Retina. In big and bigger.

An all-screen design gives you a large, beautiful canvas for everything you love to do. And iPhone XS Max makes it massive, with a screen that measures 6.5 inches — our largest display ever on an iPhone.

Custom-built OLED.

The OLED panels in iPhone XSallow for an HDR display with the industry’s best color accuracy, true blacks, and remarkable brightness and contrast. They’re the sharpest displays, with the highest pixel density, on any Apple device.

A new level of water resistance.

The most durable glass in a smartphone, sealed and precision-fitted with the surgical-grade stainless steel band, helps create a more water-resistant enclosure — up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. iPhone XS even resists spills from coffee, tea, soda, and more.

Do more with a glance.

Face ID does so much more than unlock your iPhone. So you can forget abouttypingusernamesandpasswords.Nowallit takes is a look.

Unlock home screen icon animation.

Unlock in an instant.

The advanced Secure Enclave and new algorithms make Face ID even faster. So you’ll love it even more.

Log in to your apps and accounts.

Face ID works with the apps you already use — from banking and health apps to locked notes and private documents.

Apple Pay in stores.

No need to take out your wallet. Just hold your iPhone up to the reader. It’s actually more secure than using your physical card.

Apple Pay in apps and online.

It’s never been easier to pay for a ride, buy your next favorite pair of sneakers, or send cash to a friend in Messages.

The technology behind simplicity.

The innovative technologies in the TrueDepth camera system work together in real time to recognize you in an instant.

A whole new level of intelligence

The A12 Bionic, with our next-generation Neural Engine, delivers and incredible performance. It uses real-time machine learning to Fast transform the way you very use full experience photos and gaming, Augmented reality, And more. Two Performance cores tackle heavy computational tasks. And four efficiency cores take on everyday tasks. Our-newest Performance and controller and dynamically divides work across these cores, Harnessing all Six when a power boost is needed. 2 performance Cores Up to 15%- Faster than A11 Bionic 4 efficiency cores to 50% -Plower Powerusage than A11 -Bionic

Apple-designed GPU.

A new fourth core and lossless memory compression bring big gains in graphics performance to games, video editing, and visually demanding apps. 4-coreGPU Graphics Performance up to 50% faster than A11-Bionic Metal 2 Optimized

Apple-Designed Neural Engine

Our Neural Engine is Built for Advanced, real-Time Machine Learning. That means iPhone-XS Can Recognize Patterns, Make Predictions, And learn from experience, similar to the way you do. The Neural Engine is Incredibly and Fast, Able to Perform five trillion operations per second Speed. It’s incredibly efficient, which enables it to do all kinds of new things in real-time. And it’s Incredibly and smart, So you can do things like Fast jump right into immersive AR experiences. And quickly find all your pictures of dogs. Or the beaches. Or babies. We’ve also opened the Neural Engine up to the Core ML platform, so developers can bring powerful, real-time machine learning to their apps — learning that happens right on your iPhone. 8-core architecture 5 trillion operations per second Core-ML Runs up to 9x very Faster than A-11 Bionic.

Enhanced ISP

The image and signal and processor features a fast refined depth engine, which captures extraordinary detail in Portrait mode. And with amazing Smart HDR, you’ll notice far greater and dynamic range in your photos.

A12 Bionic in action

The fast and amazing processing power and intelligence of the A-12 Bionic make iPhone XSincredibly and capable. But the chip was also designed with efficiency and brilliant in mind. So when you put all that power into play, you still get and great and amazing battery long life.