Hi-Res Blu-Ray Disc™ Home Theater System

Hi-Res Blu-Ray Disc™ Home Theater System

Home theater
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Transform your living room into a theater or concert hall with the ready-to-go, Sony Hi-Res Blu-ray Disc™ home theater system! Access blockbuster movies, concert videos, TV shows, music, and more2 with built in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® streaming capability, while powerful Sony technology and flexible connectivity ensure the ultimate A/V experience.

Bring the energy and excitement of the movie theater or concert hall home with Sony-unique, advanced sound field modes including: Cinema Studio, Digital Music Arena, and Concert Hall modes. Once activated, these modes reproduce specific characteristics to add dimension to your favorite music and video content and excite your senses!


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TV Type Default Setting


DVD 24p output


NTSC/PAL (60Hz/50Hz)

Yes (NTSC)

Wireless Amplifier Compatibility

Yes (WS001) 5.2 G / 5.8 G